About Powersafe

Who are Powersafe?

Powersafe_7Powersafe is a UK based security systems company specialising in high security projects, with its system support office strategically located in Chepstow, close to one of the main motoway networks assuring our clients get a rapid response where ever they are located within the country.

What makes Powersafe different?

Security is a fast growing industry and as demand has grown, many new businesses have appeared to satisfy a hungry market.

Powersafe, however, was established over 25 years ago and has embraced every new technological development along the way – our virtually unrivalled experience means we can tailor-build a system that answers your specific concerns.

We also develop new systems with major organisations to serve the police, MOD, oil refineries, airports and local authorities, gaining unrivalled experience that becomes available to every client we serve.

The most cost-effective approach

When you choose Powersafe, you choose a tailor-made security solutions that utilises the very latest technology in the most appropriate way for the particular concerns your organisation faces. Our knowledge is used to deliver what works, and more importantly, we know what doesn’t work!

Couple this to a deep seated belief in the added value of the very highest levels of customer service and system maintenance, ensuring that once a client has chosen Powersafe, they stay with Powersafe.

The way we work

The clients we can help most are the ones we know best, so we like to develop long term business relationships.

If we are meeting you for the first time, we know that we have a long way to go, so we begin with an evaluation of your current situation and what you would like from us – be that improved performance, reduced risks, greater convenience of use or lower costs.

We will then build you a detailed plan that will include costings, drawings and equipment specifications that will clearly demonstrate the benefits we can bring.

And though you may not yet be a client, during this process we will have been able to show you the levels of service we offer and we believe we will have been able to demonstrate that Powersafe is the company you should choose.



Head Office

Powersafe Ltd,
Riverside Court
Beaufort Park,
NP16 5UH,
Tel: +44 (0)1291 635 561

Pembrokeshire Office

Powersafe Ltd,
Sir Benfro House,
Brunel Quay,
Neyland Marina,
SA73 1PY,
Tel: +44 (0) 1437 779977