Controlled Access Systems

Powersafe_23Controlled Access systems are electronic security systems that are vital when customers require full control over the access and egress of the workforce and visitors onsite. The systems allow you to monitor authorized/unauthorized access on the perimeter of sites as well as allowing you to secure restricted areas within site.

Controlled Access systems have been vital in the modern age, providing effective solutions and reducing the security threat to the workforce and reducing the risk of theft onsite. Powersafe has installed controlled access systems for over 25 years at various sites throughout the UK using Networked and standalone solutions. 

Networked Controlled Access Systems

Networked controlled access systems allows you to have centralized administration, event reporting and control of site; you can tailor access rights for each individual user quickly and effectively. 

Examples of network controlled systems:

  • Card reader Access
  • Digital Keypad
  • Biometric Fingerprint access
  • IP Intercom systems

Standalone Controlled Access Systems

Standalone controlled access systems are control access systems without the need for network cables and PC,s, these are systems that would be normally installed on internal doors, parking systems or systems in remote or challenging locations where installing a network or wireless system is not practical or near on impossible.

Examples of standalone systems:

  • Standalone card reader system
  • Standalone digital keypads
  • Stand Alone Biometric Fingerprint access
  • GSM Intercom Systems
  • Standalone Codelocks
  • Standalone Time and attendance systems

Both systems can be integrated with a number of other security systems including CCTV, Door entry systems, intruder alarms, ANPR and traffic control equipment.


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