Strategy & Quality

Powersafe_15Powersafe's strategy is to undertake the design, installation and maintenance of electronic security systems in accordance with best professional practice.  We believe that customer service is the first priority in our dedication to meet the customer’s needs and expectations at all times. To us, growth relates to the quality of service and products rather than just quantity of sales and it has, and always will be, the intention of the Company to continue to enhance these factors.

When we give our customers the right product, of the right quality, at the right price and at the right time then our first priority is achieved. We are committed to a quality management system for controlling and monitoring all aspects of the supply of goods or services in line with customer requirements or expectations. The key to success in our competitive environment is to continually strive to increase customer satisfaction and to this end:

  • The company is assessed and registered by NQA to the international standard ISO 9001:2008 for its quality management system.
  • The company is an approved installer and therefore all employees are committed to meeting the regulatory, legal and environmental expectations of the industry that have been agreed by insurers, police, professional institutions and relevant Trade Associations.
  • The company provides an environment to encourage employees at all levels to direct their abilities to the benefit of the organisation and their own personal satisfaction; such a policy attracts the best people in our field.  Powersafe is an Investor In People approved Company.
  • Management keep abreast of technological changes and innovations that may be of benefit to existing markets and provide a direction to new business areas.
  • Measures are in place in essential core areas of the business, which indicate how well the business is performing. This includes, not only basic business measure of cash flow, sales, capital expenditure etc, but also compliant resolution criteria, contractual obligations such as routine maintenance achievement and call out response times.  Additionally, data is gathered to determine success in continually satisfying the expectations of the customer.
  • Also Safe contractor and Construction Line approved 
  • The company holds and implements a Health and Safety Management System supplied and updated constantly.

The Quality Policy demands total involvement from all employees and clear communication of the principles and objectives concerned. New technology and practices are applied, supported by training, to ensure that successful implementation is achieved so that we can continuously move towards Total Quality.

In recognition of our policy aims we are committed to operating a quality system, which is periodically evaluated for compliance, that complies with ISO9001:2008, with the proven British Standards which include BS 7671, BS 7858 and BS EN 50132.


Head Office

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Pembrokeshire Office

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