Powersafe is pleased to be associated with FLIR Systems.

FLIR is the market leader of the thermal imaging industry, providing thermal imaging cameras for many applications. From fixed night vision cameras for security installations to hand held night vision cameras for Law enforcement or personal use.

FLIR also produce thermal imaging cameras for industrial automation / process control, building diagnostics, electrical / mechanical inspection and even Gas detection.

  • Thermal Imaging for Automation
    FLIR A-series cameras are designed to keep the thermal efficiency of your development project under constant control.
  • Thermal Imaging for Security
    FLIR security camera. Buy a FLIR Fixed security camera from Powersafe and you could get a free iPad-3.
  • FLIR Gas Imaging
    FLIR Thermal Cameras for Gas Imaging. Many industrial gases and chemical compounds are invisible to the naked eye. Yet companies transport and transform these ingredients every day.
  • FLIR Law Enforcement
    FLIR Night Vision Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras for Security and Law Enforcement.
  • FLIR Personal Vision
    The FLIR Scout is a thermal imaging camera for personal use as used for hunting, bird watching, hiking etc.
  • FLIR Thermography
    FLIR Thermography Cameras. Buy a FLIR Thermography camera from Powersafe and you could get a free iPad-3.
  • Infrared Training Courses
    The Infrared Training Center is the perfect place to get high-quality interactive thermography training from the most qualified international thermography instructors.


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